About Us

How Did We Start Out?

Our start came form a desire to create high level self care and positive lifestyle changes for ourselves and our families with simple yet effective solutions that work.

We love tea and could not find what we were looking for when it came to a herbal tea range that gave us all the benefits we were seeking; clean energy, increased productivity, cleansing properties and a longer term responsible program.

That is when we decided to create our own carefully curated teas and tea sets aimed at responsible long term wellness solutions that were easily integrated into our busy daily routines.

Why are we so unique?

Because we created a complete system! We have spent a lot of time working on a thorough system that is easy to follow and allows health benefits to continue well past your cleansing phase. Our wellness tea set integrates to become part of your lifestyle.

Why are we so passionate about what we do?

We work to provide real solutions and realistic methods that can be incorporated seamlessly into your overall lifestyle. We pride ourselves on creating a genuine plan that allows for maintained ongoing health and wellness. We believe self care, on the inside and out, should always be viewed as part of your daily routine, constantly.